(292e) Fred Zenz – A Graduate Student Perspective? | AIChE

(292e) Fred Zenz – A Graduate Student Perspective?


Dr. Fred Zenz was many things to many people: a researcher, teacher, engineer, innovator, consultant, businessman, father, husband. I knew him as a graduate advisor when I was a graduate student at Manhattan College, and it is my honor to share some experiences from that perspective. At the time, in 1980-81, Fred was balancing multiple roles as a consultant, Technical Director of PSRI, VP of Ducon, and professor of chemical engineering at Manhattan College. So he was busy, very busy, and anyone needing his attention needed to work to get it. But once you had it, he was all in, 100% focused on you and your particular issue. He would help, guide, advise, inform, and do it all with seemingly effortless grace, and good humor. We were all were better for having known him.