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Presidential Lecture

The Presidential Lecture, which will debut at the 2019 Annual Meeting, will serve as an important venue to showcase some of the most significant contributions that chemical engineers and related professionals are making today. The unopposed lecture will be chaired by the AIChE President, and will take place on Monday, November 11 from 11:15am – 12:15pm. 

The inaugural Presidential Lecture will be delivered by Matt Sigelman, Chief Executive Officer, Burning Glass Technologies.

The Valence of Skills: The Rise of Hybrid Jobs

New technologies are creating new jobs, but they are also changing the skills required for existing jobs. Overall, the half-life of skills is declining rapidly.  But a more profound change is the way in which skills are bonding with one another in unexpected and sometimes transformative ways.  These hybrid jobs challenge traditional, siloed structures of education.  What’s more, in this environment, technical skills, while critical, are not sufficient—even in STEM roles. To keep from becoming obsolete, today’s students will need to acquire a set of New Foundational Skills, combining technical expertise with the human skills to work with others and the business skills needed to get things done.