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2019 Invited Sessions

Invited Sessions

Sessions from the MPCs

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Attend the special session arranged by the 2019 Annual Meeting Program Chairs.

Meet the Innovators: Transforming the Future through Chemical Engineering

Noteworthy Invited Sessions

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Invited talks cover a wide-range of subjects and topics, providing an in-depth experience through talks given by experts in their respective fields, and are highly recommended.

ABET Updates and Insights
AIChE Journal Futures: New Directions in Chemical Engineering Research
AIChE Management Award Recipient Presentation Session: Focusing on Technology and Innovation Management
Big Data and Data Analytics (Invited Talks)
Biomaterials in Industry and the Clinic
Complex Flows and Soft Mechanics
Data Science Education in Chemical Engineering Panel Discussion
Department Heads Forum
Digital Twin
Emerging Applications in Electrochemical Separations
Emerging Junior Investigator Open Innovation Forum
Getting Your Research Published
How We Teach: First Year Students Survey Results
Industrial Applications of Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulation
Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation
Industry Perspectives on Membrane Separations
KIChE-US Chapter Open Forum
MAC Eminent Engineers Awards Ceremony
New Frontiers of Molecular Thermodynamics
Panel Discussion: Advice and Mentorship from Female Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Panel Discussion: Chemical Process and Product Design Careers in Industry & Academia
Panel on Pre-competitive Collaboration
Pharma 4.0
Polymers in Industry - Rising Stars
Presidential Lecture
Reaction Engineering Perspectives for Process Intensification from Industry and Academia
Spotlights in Thermodynamics and Computational Molecular Science
Transport Phenomena, Rheology, and Mixing in Food Processing and Engineering
Tutorial on Nuclear Chemical Engineering focusing on Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Tutorial Session on Electrochemical Methods, Systems and Applications
Young Faculty Forum

Award Sessions

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Join us in celebrating this years award winners. Hear talks on the research that made each winner an expert in their field.

Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering Lecture
Chemical Engineering in Sustainability (YCOSST) and Policy (WISE) Award Recipient Talks
D.I.C. Wang Award Lecture
Environmental Division Awards and Honors
IACChE's James Y. Oldshue Lecture
John M. Prausnitz AIChE Institute Lecture
North American Mixing Forum Award Session
Particle Technology Awards Lectures
Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing Forum Awards Ceremony
SBE's James E. Bailey Award Lecture
William R. Schowalter Lecture
Wilson Award Winners

Graduate Student Award Sessions

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Area 8D (Inorganic Materials) Graduate Student Award Session
Area 8E Graduate Student Award Finalists

Biomaterials: Graduate Student Award Session

Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award Session I

Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award Session II
Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award Session
CAST Director's Student Presentation Award Finalists
Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research

Celebratory Sessions

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Celebrate birthdays, career long accomplishments, and past award winners in these special sessions.

CACHE 50th Anniversary: The Future of Cyber-Assisted Chemical Engineering Education
In Honor of Anthony Dixon's 65th Birthday
In Honor of Dan Luss' 80th Birthday
In Honor of Fabio H. Ribeiro's 60th Birthday
In Honor of Guy Marin's 65th Birthday
In Honor of Prof. Yannis G. Kevrekidis' 60th Birthday
In Honor of Professor Ignacio Grossmann's 70th Birthday - I 
In Honor of Professor Ignacio Grossmann's 70th Birthday - II
In Honor of Professor Rafiqul Gani's 65th Birthday 
In Honor of Ruth Baltus I
In Honor of Ruth Baltus II
In Honor of the 2018 R.H. Wilhelm Award Winner I
In Honor of the 2018 R.H. Wilhelm Award Winner II
In Honor of the 2018 Recipient of the Warren K. Lewis Award
In Honor of the 2019 Practice Award Winner
In Honor of Yannis Kevrekidis' 60th Birthday
In Recognition of the 50th Anniversary of ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research: CRE
In Recognition of the 50th Anniversary of ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research: SEP
Poster Session: In Recognition of the 50th Anniversary of ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research 
Session in Honor of Prof. Atsushi Tsutsumi's Accomplishments
Special Session: Celebrating Career Accomplishments of Fred Zenz
Tribute to Jacob Israelachvili I
Tribute to Jacob Israelachvili II

Division & Area Plenaries & Keynotes

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Come together with researchers in your field to hear comprehensive talks and panel discussions.

Ammonia Energy Implementation Conference: Plenary Session I
Ammonia Energy Implementation Conference: Plenary Session II
Area 8E Plenary: Electronic and Photonic Materials: Industry and Academia
Area Plenary: Adsorption and Ion Exchange - In Honor of Celio Cavalcante
Area Plenary: Area 8A Emerging Areas in Polymer Science and Engineering I
Area Plenary: Area 8A Emerging Areas in Polymer Science and Engineering II
Area Plenary: Bionanotechnology
Area Plenary: Carbon Nanomaterials
Area Plenary: Interfacial Phenomena
Area Plenary: Leaders in Biomaterials 
Chemical Engineers in Medicine Plenary I
Chemical Engineers in Medicine Plenary II
Division Plenary: CAST
Division Plenary: Chemical Engineering Principles for Nanotechnology
Division Plenary: Chemical Engineering Roles in U.S. Department of Energy Environmental Management and Waste Cleanup Programs
Division Plenary: Food, Pharmaceutical, and Bioengineering Division
Division Plenary: Gerhold and Kunesh Awards on Separations
Division Plenary: Major Separations Challenges
Division Plenary: Materials Engineering & Sciences Division 
Education Division Plenary: Award winners and Perspectives on 10 Years of the Education Division 
Forum Plenary: Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum
Forum Plenary: Opportunities and challenges with Journey from Industry 4.0 to Pharma 4.0
Plenary Session: Chromatographic Separations and SMB - In Honor of Linda Wang
Plenary: Topical Conference in Molecular and Materials Data Science
Sustainable Biorefineries Plenary Session
Sustainable Engineering Forum Plenary
Topical Plenary: Advances in Fossil Energy R&D
Topical Plenary: Frontiers in Green Process Engineering
Topical Plenary: Fundamentals of Microbial Interactions with Interfaces 
Topical Plenary: Materials Chemistry for Sensor Technology
Topical Plenary: Microbial Interactions with Biomaterials and Host Cells


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Join us for these workshops where you'll have the opportunity to learn about the most cutting edge developments in chemical engineering technology that can help you in your current and future positions

NSF Workshop I: Highlights from CBET
NSF Workshop II: Proposal Writing and Discussions with Program Managers
Workshop: Career Planning for Prospective Faculty
Workshop: Effective Teaching for New or Prospective Faculty
Workshop: Writing Successful Education Proposals
Exploring Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace: Workshop
Workshop on Utilizing Leadership Advisory Boards (aka Master Minding)
Undergraduate Professional Workshop for Women & Minorities - hosted by Women in Chemical Engineering