2D Nanocomposites: New Composites with 2-Dimensional Nanomaterials | AIChE

2D Nanocomposites: New Composites with 2-Dimensional Nanomaterials


Liu, P., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Wujcik, E., The University of Alabama
Pol, V., Purdue University
Lu, Y., The University of Alabama

Two-dimensional (2D) nanosheets such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, black phosphorus, and others are urgent and important nanomaterials with exotic mechanical and functional properties, they promise the generation of next-generation composites with the maximum structural and/or functional reinforcement at miniscule additions of nanoinclusions. This session invites all contributions to the field of 2D heterostructures or composites using 2D nanosheets either to introduce new functions, or to achieve mechanical/functional (e.g. optical, electrical, thermal, and barrier amongst others) reinforcement of matrix/substrate materials including polymers, metals, and ceramics. Works related to new producing and processing technologies of high-quality 2D nanosheets and their composites, fundamental studies of functioning/reinforcing mechanism, and novel energy harvesting, energy storage, tribology, environmental, healthcare, or other application demonstrations of 2D nanocomposites are recommended; both theoretical and experimental studies are welcome.



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