(590f) Dynamics of Adsorption of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants at Air/water and Oil/water Interfaces

Walker, L. M., Carnegie Mellon University
Kirby, S., Carnegie Mellon University
Anna, S. L., Carnegie Mellon University
The adsorption of rhamnolipid surfactants to both air/water and oil/water interfaces from dilute solution has been characterized. The equilibrium interfacial tension is analyzed using a Langmuir isotherm and suggests that interfacial concentrations are higher at oil/water interfaces than at air/water interfaces. Analysis of the dynamic interfacial tension shows diffusion-limited behavior for both interfaces. Finally, parameters from adsorption are able to describe the slow desorption of these rhamnolipids from air-water and oil-water interfaces. This complete analysis of the adsorption provides the information necessary to model transport and efficacy in proposed applications of biosurfactants.