(33a) Logical Breakdown: Encoding Boolean-Based Degradative Responsiveness into Hydrogel Biomaterials

DeForest, C. A., University of Washington
Badeau, B. A., University of Washington
Comerford, M. P., University of Washington
Arakawa, C. K., University of Washington
Shadish, J. A., University of Washington
The successful transport of drug- and cell-based therapeutics to diseased sites represents a major barrier in the development of clinical therapies. Targeted delivery can be mediated through degradable biomaterial vehicles that utilize disease biomarkers to trigger payload release. In this presentation, we report a modular chemical framework for imparting hydrogels with precise degradative responsiveness by using multiple environmental cues to trigger reactions that operate user-programmable Boolean logic. By specifying the molecular architecture and connectivity of orthogonal stimuli-labile moieties within material crosslinkers, we show selective control over gel dissolution and therapeutic delivery. To illustrate the versatility of this methodology, we synthesized seventeen distinct stimuli-responsive materials that collectively yielded all possible YES/OR/AND logical outputs from input combinations involving enzyme, reductant, and light. Using these hydrogels we demonstrate the first sequential and environmentally stimulated release of multiple cell lines in well-defined combinations from a material. We expect these platforms will find utility in several diverse fields including drug delivery, diagnostics, and regenerative medicine.