(200ao) Functionalized Ultra-Thin Shell Microcapsule for Targeted Encapsulation and Release

Zhang, L., Harvard University
Didier, J., Harvard University
Weitz, D. A., Harvard University
A continuously growing area of controlled tunable transport and separation of therapeutic has been attracted attention to the stimuli responsive porous hydrogel thin film. The pore of these hydrogel film can be either increase or decrease under stimuli. Such responsive film can be used in the configuration of microcapsules with adjusted pores which has wide applications in filtration, separation and drug encapsulation/delivery. Droplet microfluidic offers unique opportunity for configurate these responsive film into microcapsules that fills the demands. We have fabricated a thin-shell microcapsules encapsulation system by microfluidic technique. This microcapsule with ultra-thin shell that can response multiple stimuli such as ionic strength and osmotic pressure. We also explore their application in controlled therapeutic encapsulation and release.