Entrepreneurship & Investing in Early-Stage Chemical Companies | AIChE

Join the Chemical Angels Network at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting.

The CaN program will include a session and opening reception taking place on Sunday, October 28, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Session: Entrepreneurship & Investing in Early-Stage Chemical Companies

2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Westin Convention Center, Cambria

Session Chairs

  • Dr. Mark Vreeke, Chemical Angel Network
  • William Byers, Chemical Angel Network

Session Description

This entrepreneurship and investing session will provide the opportunity for startup companies to present their companies for investment funding.  Students will gain the opportunity to see and hear how “hard” technology companies are presented for investment which is distinctly different from the more common bits and bytes application enterprises.  Faculty will get to see how technologies can be spun out of an academic setting into startup companies not from a hypothetical discussion but from actual practice.


2:30pm Angel Investing in the Hard Sciences - Chemical Angel Network (CaN) Dr. Mark Vreeke, Chemical Angel Network
2:45pm Incubator Operations Dr. William Grieco, RAPID Manufacturing Institute
3:10pm  Why I’m an Angel Panel Discussion + Q&A • Moderator: William Byers, CaN Member & Past President, AIChE

• Dr. Judith Giordan, CaN co-Founder & Managing Director ecosVC

• Hugh James, CaN Member & CEO, PCG, Inc.

• Catherine Mott, Founder, Managing Partner, Blue Tree Venture Fund and Blue Tree Allied Angels

• Dr. Susan Stanton, Managing Principal, SBCi Ltd., Business & Technology Advisory Services, Technology Commercialization Specialist
3:20pm Panel Discussion & Audience Participation William Byers, Moderator
4:05pm Panel Wrap-up William Byers, Moderator
4:10pm Company Presentations  
4:10pm  LumiShield David Luebke
4:40pm Aeronics Blake Dube
5:10pm Aruga Joseph Pugar
5:40pm Concluding Remarks  


Angel Investing in the Hard Sciences - Chemical Angel Network (CaN)

The Chemical Angel Network (CAN) is an association of accredited individuals who actively invest in early stage and seed stage companies.  What differentiates CAN from other networks is that CAN has a national foot print and a chemical sector focus.  The chemical sector includes the broadly defined areas of materials, measurement, and manufacturing.  Membership is open to all accredited investors and includes individuals that have participated in various roles across the chemical enterprise.

Incubator Operations

Incubators provide companies with a low barrier route to formation and initial operations.  Incubators provide office and frequently laboratory space on flexible terms.  They will additionally provide shared meeting rooms, common laboratory tools and IT infrastructure.   The intangible benefits include access to other service providers (legal, accounting, HR) often at discounted rates and increased company visibility to local and even national audiences.

Why I'm An Angel Panel

"Angel" investors are individuals that invest their own money in entrepreneurial companies. This is distinct from venture funds that invest other people's money. Motivations for angel investing are as varied as the investors themselves and range from the pleasure of helping a startup company to succeed to the thrill of potential high returns on investment. This panel of experienced angel investors will discuss their experiences with investing in early stage companies, including how they got started, why they enjoy it and how to manage risks associated with angel investing.

Reception: 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting Opening Reception

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B
This is a chance for the CaN members, guests, presenters and others to get together in an informal setting.  AIChE will have an area reserved for the Chemical Angels and guests.