(7bm) Synthesis of Core-Shell Microparticles Containing Thermoset Resins via Suspension Polymerization

Yang, G., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Huang, M., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Klier, J., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Schiffman, J. D., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Thermoset powder coatings are attractive because they offer superior durability and mechanical performance without any environmental or human health risks associated from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are emitted from conventional solvent-based coatings. We suggest that the ideal particles to be used in powder coatings would be on the microscale and contain thermoset resins. Here, suspension polymerization was used to produce microparticles that offer many advantages: low conversion cost, mature scale-up, as well as a versatile tunability in terms of particle size and morphology. Our objective is to synthesize core-shell thermoplastic microparticles that contain a large concentration of thermosetting resins. The thermal properties, average diameter, morphology, and chemical composition of the particles were determined and tuned for the application of powder coatings that can be applied at any temperature. The expected outcome of this study is a novel sprayable thermoset powder coating that offers high performance, easy operation, significant environmental benefits, and a commercial feasibility.

Research Interests: Polymer Coatings and Adhesive, Colloids, Green Materials

Teaching Interests: Polymer Science, Thermodynamics, Colloid & Interface Science