(777f) 3D Printing of Polymer-Bonded Magnets Using a Combination of Extrusion Direct Write and Stereolithography Methods

Shen, A., University of Connecticut
Ma, A., University of Connecticut
Dardona, S., United Technologies Research Center
Polymer-bonded magnets have recently gained popularity as a novel magnet manufacturing technique due to its low-cost, design freedom, and magnetizing patterns. The maximum energy product of polymer-bonded magnets is generally lower than that of sintered magnets. However, the fabrication of polymer-bonded magnets does not require high sintering temperature and thus can be more cost effective.

This presentation reports the use of a combination of direct write (DW) and stereolithography 3D printing methods with appropriate process controls to fabricate polymer-bonded magnets at room temperature. Additionally, the presentation will describe and discuss the ink formulation for controlled printing of conformal and 3D magnets. The performance of 3D-printed magnets will be presented and compared to those produced from other manufacturing methods.