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(581a) 3D Dielectrophoresis


Hughes, M. P. - Presenter, University of Surrey
Dielectrophoresis of biological entities has been the subject of increasing research density over the last 50 years; publication rates exceeded first 20 papers/year in 1991, increasing to 100/year in 2003, 200/year in 2005 and 400/year in 2009. However, most papers still begin with describing “great potential” without this having been yet realised; 2014 and 2016 saw significant drops in DEP paper output, and growth appears to have stabilised. We have been promising great things and the technology now needs to deliver. In order to do this, we need to better understand the requirements that DEP characterisation and separation are needed to fulfil. We have developed the 3D dielectrophoresis platform in order to address some of the shortcomings of DEP as perceived by our end-user base; it enables a characterisation platform that is easy to use, and a separator platform capable of separating cells label-free at rates comparable to, or faster than, FACS and MACS. Both use disposables that offer simplicity of manufacture and low user cost. The next step will be to use this to better understand what the DEP response means, and how this can provide the information that electrophysiologists require.