(509e) Dynamic Simulation of a Solar Powered Hybrid Sulfur Process for Hydrogen Production

Gatzke, E. P., University of South Carolina
Gorensek, M., Savannah River National Laboratory
Corgnale, C., Greenway Energy
Weidner, J., University of South Carolina
Al Lawati, Z., University of South Carolina
Smith, E., University of South Carolina
Boddu, S., University of South Carolina
Stanford, T., University of South Carolina
Hydrogen can be produced using a thermochemical Hybrid Sulfur (HyS) Process. Using solar energy as the high temperature energy source allows for efficient environmentally-friendly production of hydrogen. The proposed route is an alternative to traditional photovoltaic plus electrolysis for hydrogen production. Making the process economically competitive is a major challenge. Operating the process with changes in the availability of solar energy also increases process complexity. The HyS flowsheet was modeled in Aspen Plus. The process includes electrolyzers, H2S04 decomposition, and O2 separation of the SO2/O2 product from the H2SO4 decomposition. Flowsheets for this process have demonstrated a thermal efficiency in excess of 50% higher heating value basis. The current work will discuss the process flowsheet, present results from a dynamic process simulation, and consider hydrogen production economics.