(149a) Mixed-Matrix Membranes Based on Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity and Metal-Organic Frameworks for Gas Separation Applications

Pinnau, I. - Presenter, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Swaidan, R., KAUST
Hsiung, C. E., King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Wang, Y., King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Han, Y., King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
The concept of potentially enhancing both permeability and selectivity of polymeric membranes by embedding microporous carbon, zeolites or metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in a mechanically strong polymer matrix by forming mixed-matrix membranes (MMMs) has been one of the many research areas pioneered by Bill Koros and co-workers. Inspired by his groundbreaking work on 6FDA-DAM polyimide/ZIF-8 MMMs for propylene/propane separation1 our group developed MMMs using hydroxyl-functionalized polyimides of intrinsic microporosity that served as ideal polymer matrices due to their excellent compatibility with ZIF-8. Here, we report the fabrication and exceptional pure- and mixed-gas gas permeation properties of PIM-PI-based MMMs containing ZIF-8 loadings ranging from 20% to 65% by weight. The MMM membranes were tested with a 50:50 C3H6/C3H8 feed mixture at pressures up to 7 bar (p/psat ~0.8). Exceptional C3H6/C3H8 mixed-gas selectivities ranging from 20 at 30% loading to 30 at 65% loading were achieved. Furthermore, minimal onset of plasticization was observed, highlighting the strong potential of PIM-6FDA-OH/ZIF-8 mixed-matrix membranes for C3H6/C3H8 separations.


1. Chen Zhang, Ying Dai, Justin R. Johnson, Oguz Karvan, William J. Koros, “High performance ZIF-8/6FDA-DAM mixed matrix membrane for propylene/propane separations”, J. Membr. Sci. 389 (2012) 34-42.