3D Printing Fundamentals and Applications

Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 8:00am-10:30am CDT

While still in its developmental stage, additive manufacturing or 3D printing has been referred to as a new manufacturing revolution, enabling cutting-edge research in both bioengineering and traditional chemical engineering fields due to its ability for customization and relative speed. For Chemical Engineers and Bioengineers, applications include catalysis and reaction engineering, health and medicinal tech, separations, and more. Join us for a session where speakers will discuss how they use 3D printing as well as their successes and failures with this relatively new technology. This session will cover lessons learned and how additive manufacturing will advance in the future.

Session Chairs

Nima Yazdanpanah, MIT

Lin LiChevron Energy Technology Company


Time Presentation Title Speaker
8:00 AM The Potential and Challenges of Multifunctional 3D Printing Denis Cormier
8:30 AM Applications of Desktop 3D Printing in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Adam Procopio
9:00 AM Three-Dimensional Printing via “Capillary Engineering” of Multiphasic Elastomer Inks Orlin D. Velev
9:30  AM Advancing Diagnostics and Therapies by Enabling Scientists with 3D-Printing Technologies Dana Spence
10:00 AM Perfusion Directed 3D Bone Mineralization Using Custom-Modified 3D Printers Pranav Soman

Read the abstracts to be presented in this session and find other work by the presenters and chairs in the the technical program.

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