(625w) Towards Sustainable Synthesis of Nylon 11–13 Precursors Using Ring-Closing Olefin Metathesis Strategy

Abel, G., The University of Toledo
YapaMudiyanselage, A., The University of Toledo
Viamajala, S., The University of Toledo
Varanasi, S., The University of Toledo

We have recently developed new methods for the synthesis of high-order nylon precursors from oleic acids, an abundant feedstock available from various renewable sources. One of our strategies uses ring-closing metathesis as the key carbon-carbon disconnection/formation step. Although the synthesis is concise, it requires high temperature, halogenated solvents under dilute conditions, and high catalyst loading; all of which can be obstacle for industrial applications. To circumvent the issues, we have developed an improved method for the metathesis reaction that uses low temperature, non-halogenated solvent, and the catalyst with high stability that potentially enable recycling. Details of our work with focus on catalyst structure reactivity relationship will be presented.