(29f) Hydrogel Walkers with Electro-Driven Motility for Cargo Transport

Yang, C., Sichuan University
Chu, L., Sichuan University
Wang, W., Sichuan University
Yao, C., Sichuan University
Xie, R., Sichuan University
Ju, X. J., Sichuan University
Liu, Z., Sichuan University

In this study, soft hydrogel walkers with electro-driven motility for cargo transport have been developed via a facile mould-assisted strategy. The hydrogel walkers consisting of polyanionic poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid-co-acrylamide) exhibit an arc looper-like shape with two “legs” for walking. The hydrogel walkers can reversibly bend and stretch via repeated “on/off” electro-triggers in electrolyte solution. Based on such bending/stretching behaviors, the hydrogel walkers can move their two “legs” to achieve onedirectional walking motion on a rough surface via repeated “on/off” electro-triggering cycles. Moreover, the hydrogel walkers loaded with very heavy cargo also exhibit excellent walking motion for cargo transport. Such hydrogel systems create new opportunities for developing electro-controlled soft systems with simple design/fabrication strategies in the soft robotic field for remote manipulation and transportation.


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