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Code of Conduct

AIChE Volunteer and Meeting Attendee Conduct Guidelines ...

AIChE Volunteer and Meeting Attendee Conduct Guidelines

AIChE’s volunteers are the core of the Institute and make all of its programs, conferences and educational efforts possible. These offerings provide excellent opportunities for AIChE members and meeting attendees to gain greater technical expertise, grow their networks, and enhance their careers. AIChE events provide engineers, scientists, and students a platform to present, discuss, publish and exhibit their discoveries and technical advances. At all times, volunteers and meeting attendees should act in accordance with AIChE’s Code of Ethics, upholding and advancing the integrity, honor and dignity of the chemical engineering profession. AIChE’s Board of Directors has developed these guidelines to foster a positive environment of trust, respect, open communications, and ethical behavior. These guidelines apply to meetings, conferences, workshops, courses and other events organized by AIChE or any of its entities and also to volunteers who conduct other business and affairs on behalf of AIChE.


  1. Volunteers and meeting attendees should understand and support AIChE’s Code of Ethics.
  2. Volunteers and meeting attendees should contribute to a collegial, inclusive, positive and respectful environment for fellow volunteers and attendees, and other stakeholders, including AIChE staff.
  3. Volunteers and meeting attendees should avoid making inappropriate statements or taking inappropriate action based on race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation, presence of disabilities, or educational background. We should show consistent respect for colleagues, regardless of discipline, employment status, and organizations for which they work, whether industry, academia, or government.
  4. Disruptive, harassing or other inappropriate statements or behavior toward other volunteers, members, and other stakeholders, including AIChE staff, is unacceptable.
  5. Volunteers and meeting attendees should obey all applicable laws and regulations of the relevant governmental authorities while volunteering or attending meetings. Volunteers and meeting attendees taking part in any AIChE event, including the Chem-E-Car CompetitionTM, should also comply with all applicable safety guidelines.
  6. Meeting attendees should not share virtual meeting login information or links to sessions, presentations, ancillary meetings, and ticketed events to ensure meeting security.