(583x) Simulation and Modeling of a Radial Flow Pseudo-Isothermal Methanol Reactor for a More Efficient Exploitation of the Synthesis Gas

Alarifi, A., University of Waterloo
Mohammad, R., SABIC
Elkamel, A., University of Waterloo
Croiset, E., University of Waterloo

The demand for products derived from syngas is rapidly increasing, whereas economic and environmental concerns encouraged for wiser exploitation of feedstock and process intensification which can be achieved by improving carbon efficiency. Recently, Casale Group offered its most advanced methanol process design employing a radial flow pseudo-isothermal methanol converter (IMC) to be installed in new or revamp projects, as replacement to their existing Axial Radial Concept converter (ARC). A Steady-State two-dimensional heterogeneous model was developed to investigate the abilities of the new IMC design to accomplish improved exploitation of the synthesis gas and reduce COemissions. The proposed model is used to compare the IMC performance with respect to the traditional ARC converter under identical process conditions and similar amounts of packed catalyst. The results show that the key advantage of the IMC design comprises a specific heat exchanger plates versus an adiabatic quenching concept.


Exploitation; process intensification; adiabatic quenching concept