(563c) Graphene In Advanced Li-Based Batteries | AIChE

(563c) Graphene In Advanced Li-Based Batteries


Kung, H. H. - Presenter, Northwestern University
Kung, M. C., Northwestern University

Graphene and graphene oxide, in various modified forms, have found attractive potential applications in advanced Li-based batteries.  In our laboratory, we have explored the use of graphene and graphene oxide for applications in electrodes and separators.  Reduced graphene oxide sheets can be used to construct electrically conducting 3-D structures to host high charge-storage-capacity materials such as Si and Ge for anode, and Li sulfide for cathode. The charge capacities of these storage materials are much higher than the materials used in the current commercial batteries.  Thus, these electrode materials result in batteries of much higher energy densities. Unlike graphene, graphene oxide is insulating and is suitable for use as separator that separates the two electrodes.  When suitably modified, graphene oxide-based separator can have the added benefits of reducing susceptibility of the battery to thermal runaway, enhancing safe operation of the battery.