(395bb) Re-Use Technology for Organic Gas-Removal Filters Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Ito, Y., DAI-DAN Co., Ltd.
Nakamura, S., DAI-DAN Co., Ltd.
Nakano, K., DAI-DAN Co., Ltd.
Maeno, T., DAIDAN Co., Ltd.
Inomata, H., Tohoku University

We have studied supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning as a new regenerating technology for air filters, particularly organic gas removal air filters that had not be recycled and were forced to be disposed so far. Supercritical carbon dioxide (ScCO2) is a solvent having both superior diffusivity and solubility for fine structures in filters and we utilized such ScCO2 features to develop a technology of removing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) components which adsorbed among the filter internal matrixes.

Organic gas removal filters are used in various fields and their main application are as follows;

- Electronic device factories: To prevent the organic matter contamination to the product

- Commercial tenant buildings: To deodorize the exhaust gas from the commercial kitchen.

- Research institute: To remove the noxious gas from the local exhaust ventilation (draft chamber).

On the other hand, the organic gas filters are generally disposed and replaced by new ones when their removal performance is decreases, leading to an increase of industrial waste.From the viewpoint of the conservation of global environment, our proposed methodology enables to re-use such used-filters and can contribute to the reduction of industrial waste by using our re-use technology.

In the poster, we introduce the performance in the case of applying this technology to organic gas-removal filter used in the draft chamber of the actual research institute.


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