(480f) Assessment Processes for Sustainability and Sustainable Processes

Erickson, L., Kansas State University
Green, R., Kansas State University
Leven, B., Kansas State University
Saulters, O., Kansas State University
Boguski, T., Kansas State University

There is a growing emphasis to include sustainability in decisions that are made, especially in capital investments, energy intensive processes, and strategic planning.  The interdisciplinary tools and approaches of sustainability science are providing an essential framework for strategic planning, process systems design, problem solving and decision making across systems, sectors, and scales.  Sustainability assessments that encompass quantifying ecosystem services, product life cycles, and potential impacts are being integrated into leadership decision making.  Governments, corporations, organizations, schools, and communities have all endeavored to establish indicators and metrics for measuring progress toward sustainability goals.  Although sustainability initiatives may have moved from the voluntary realm into the regulatory universe in some capacities with demands from customers, shareholders, stakeholders, insurers, and government agencies, there are many unknowns in this fertile transdisciplinary field of study.  The results of a literature review of sustainability indices and assessment processes will be presented.