(571g) Comparative Evaluation of Drop On Demand Technologies for Micro Dispensing of Drug Formulations

Sahay, A., Rutgers University
Holt, S., Rutgers University
Muzzio, F. J., Rutgers University
Takhistov, P., Rutgers University

Personalized medicine, in terms of personalized dosing, can increase the effectiveness of medications while simultaneously lowering the risk of adverse side effects. The accurate dosing of small amounts of solutions and suspensions is a prerequisite and this can be achieved using Drop on Demand(DoD)technology. In DOD printing, each type of nozzle has its uniqueness and limitations based upon specific driving parameters, ejected droplet dimension,and dispensed material properties. We have implemented three different microdosing technologies (solenoid, positive displacement, and piezoelectric) to dispense both single-phase and multi-phase pharmaceutical compounds. These systems can dispense droplets with volumes ranging from picoliters to microliters. We have characterized their performance with respect to changes in formulation parameters such as viscosity, particle size and surface tension. Based on the experimental results we have determined the process map and parametric window for this novel application of Drop-on-Demand technology