(561c) Hollow Fiber-Based Liquid Membrane for CO2 Capture

Sirkar, K. K. - Presenter, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Obuskovic, G. - Presenter, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Porous hollow fiber membranes were used to study appropriate immobilized liquid membranes for selective separation of carbon dioxide from anesthesia breathing circuit gas mixture containing nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and halogenated hydrocarbons (HHCs). A number of different membranes and modules were studied at temperatures between 25 ? 37 C. Reasonably high selectivities for CO2/HHC and CO2/O2 were observed at room and elevated temperatures (37 C). For CO2 inlet concentrations of 5%, 2% and 0.5%, the CO2/O2 selectivities were in the range of 500, 1200 and 3000 respectively. The CO2/HHC selectivities were around 30-150+ depending on the CO2 concentration and the HHC studied.The presentation will describe the utility of these and other novel results for CO2 capture.