(396a) Best Practices by Department Chairs | AIChE

(396a) Best Practices by Department Chairs


AbuBakr, S. - Presenter, Western Michigan University
Hawley, M. C. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Reimer, J. A. - Presenter, University of California - Berkeley
Dickinson, R. B. - Presenter, University of Florida
Young, V. L. - Presenter, Ohio University
Matthews, M. A. - Presenter, University of South Carolina

The position of Department Chair varies from person to person, from department to department and from university to university. This session is designed to have an open discussion on the department head position description and experience. Department chairs will share their best practices in areas such as mentoring new faculty, dealing with tenure promotion issues, ABET accreditation and assessment, fostering collegiality among faculty, managing students complaints, dealing with industrial advisory boards, alumni and employers, interacting with their deans and upper administration, fund raising and recruiting activities, responding to new and emerging initiatives, teaching, conducting research and advising graduate students, and much more. The recruitment, mentoring, evaluation and integration of teaching-only faculty will be also discussed.