(167f) Field-Biased Molecular Simulation Methods for Hard Sphere Polymer Chains | AIChE

(167f) Field-Biased Molecular Simulation Methods for Hard Sphere Polymer Chains

External fields can be used to impose density profiles in inhomogeneous fluids and interfacial phenomena1.[1] In this study an electric field has been imposed on 1372 hard spheres through 20 negative point charges and 20 positive charges. Also, the effect of partial charges was investigated on a polyelectrolyte with implicit and explicit solvent.[2] Long-range interactions are considered through particle-mesh Ewald summation and its pairwise alternatives.[3] It has been found that it is not necessary to update the Coulombic interactions after each time-step. Energy is conserved even after many numbers of time-steps. Therefore, the computation time for the long-range interaction is less than the discontinuous molecular dynamic (DMD) and/or discontinuous Monte Carlo components. This means that the forced-biased discontinuous molecular simulation method is viable for future studies of confined fluids containing interface and ionic liquids as performed with a field-biased conventional molecular dynamic method by Wardle et al.[4, 5]

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