(157d) Low Temperature H2 Production From Biomass Over Transition Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Wang, X., New Jersey Institute of Technology
He, Z., New Jersey Institute of Technology

Nowadays, over 90% H2 is still produced from steam reforming of natural gas. This process requires high temperature operation. Moreover, the natural gas is mostly provided from fossil fuel resources. In order to minimize the environmental impact, hydrogen produced from biomass resource has been a critical issue to the Department of Energy (DOE) in USA and abroad. The synthesis of functional nanomaterials offers a unique opportunity to make the breakthrough discoveries and truly revolutionary developments to meet these challenges. The work presented here is to produce H2 from biomass by using Pt clusters supported on transition metal oxide nanoparticles. The results have shown that the strong interaction between transition metal oxide nanoparticles and Pt nanoparticles increased the hydrogen production and lowered the reaction temperature significantly.