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(502d) Design and Construction of a Modern Dump Using the Latest Technology


Bosse, M. A. - Presenter, Universidad Catolica del Norte
Tapia, M. - Presenter, Universidad Catolica del Norte
Bonilla, M. - Presenter, Universidad Catolica del Norte
Palleres, X. - Presenter, Universidad Catolica del Norte


This project is about the design and construction of a modern dump for domestic and industrial waste in the city of Antofagasta at the North of Chile. This dump is based fundamentally on the suitable determination of a land or the best location. The determination of the quantity and characterization of the waste generated by person will be of vital importance for the determination of the design and useful life of the dump.

To determine the most suitable area a preliminary analysis of the restrictions was done. This most appropriate area was a land located at 12 kilometers from Antofagasta named Salar del Carmen. This is not the perfect place because there are several morphological and hydrological problems. Salar del Carmen is located close to hills but it has the best technical conditions than other options.

Nevertheless, for the determination per capita of the solid domestic waste (SDW) a sampling to 150 houses of the south sector of Antofagasta named Jardines del Sur was carried out. This procedure was realized on Saturday during winter and summer. The results show that the waste generation in winter time is 0.94 kg/person and in the summer time is 0.98 kg/person.

The results of the sampling show that the production of RSD per-capita averages 0.88 kg/day.

From experimental and theoretical information the useful life was estimated in 20 years. This considers the construction of 7m cells and the partial construction of 4 places of 10 hectares each one.

For the determination of the solid residues per person in the city of Antofagasta it was necessary to do a future estimation of the following parameters: Brute Revenue Per capita (BRP), Production Per capita and N º inhabitants in the year 2022.

For the design of the dump the gas production of landfill were calculated in an empirical way and predicted as 274.000,00 m3 /year for the year 2022.

The second part of the project which we are working right now is in the design of a modern dump with recycling plant for cans, glass, paper, cardboard, electrical devices such as computers, washing machines, drying machines and TV. The main problem to solve in CHILE is to create consciousness in the people to separate the wastes from every house in different containers. This will be possible with the help of a big diffusion campaign for all the communication media and with the help of the local government.