(328m) Powder Flow Pattern in Fluid Bed Using NIR Spectroscopy

Donaires-Flores, T. - Presenter, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus
Velazquez, C. - Presenter, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus
Realpe, A. - Presenter, University of Puerto Rico

Fluid Bed is equipment frequently used as dryer or granulator of powder in the food, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. The powder is fluidized for the action of an upward flow of gas allowing high heat and mass transfer. Therefore, it is necessary to study the whole fluidization pattern with the purpose to find appropriated conditions of operation and reduce the segregation problem, canalization and agglomeration. The objective of this work was to study fluidization pattern in the radial and axial positions using the near infrared spectroscopy. The powder flow in the radial position is affected by powder mass. Fluidization increased with decreasing of powder mass and particle size. Fluidization in axial position will be studied to understand the full flow pattern within fluid bed.

Keywords: Fluid bed, fluidization, pattern, NIR Spectroscopy.


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