(293e) Computer Aided Analysis in Mechanical Operations – Filtration | AIChE

(293e) Computer Aided Analysis in Mechanical Operations – Filtration


Chaduvula, A. I. R. - Presenter, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, AP, India
Andra, R. P. - Presenter, Andhra University
Patruni, J. R. - Presenter, Andhra University
Josyula, S. B. - Presenter, Andhra University
Nalla, K. K. - Presenter, Andhra University
Nikku, M. Y. - Presenter, Andhra University
Yedluri, I. - Presenter, Andhra University


Today's Era is commonly known as computer Era. The computations involving time of washing, optimum cycle time, total area of filtrate surface, total cycle time, the cake thickness, minimum number of frames, filtration constants, dimensions of filter press and amount of wash water required in filtration are estimated at a more speed with the help of the computer aided analysis in which a computer flow diagram will be prepared. A computer flow diagram is simply nothing but the flow sheet illustrating all the steps of the computation process and the detailed procedure followed in each step. In the present paper numerous problems are taken, coded in ?C' language, tested with the manual and computer calculations and the results are compared and discussed provided with the application of numerical methods like Interpolation, extrapolation, Simpson's, Euler methods etc. The application of numerical methods is also incorporated for example for calculating the area under curve. The main reason for the computer aided analysis in mechanical operations (Filtration) is the repetition of the calculations.