(148a) Continuous Voltage Gradients and Their Application to True Moving Bed Electrophoresis

Thome, B. M., Washington State University

Gradient elution is not a new idea; it has been practiced in chromatographic separations for many years. The application of discontinuous ?step? gradients in Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography has been very successful in increasing both processing rates and column productivity, resulting in a reduction in the number of SMB columns required. With the advent of the Field Gradient Focusing techniques, electrophoresis has gained the ability to apply a continuous electric field gradient to a True Moving Bed electrophoretic separation. Application of a spatial gradient allows a large degree of control of the product concentrations inside the separation unit as well as a large increase in product throughput. A model of moving bed electrophoretic separations has been developed that demonstrates the potential advantages of applying a continuous gradient to the moving bed process.