(123j) Catalytic Nanomotor Modeling | AIChE

(123j) Catalytic Nanomotor Modeling


Velegol, D. - Presenter, Penn State University

Engineering fluidic processes on microchips is a current and important design problem. Studies have shown flow produced by applied pressure or electric fields, as well as thermal or concentration gradients. We have been working on a new alternative, the use of heterogeneous catalysis to cause the movement of colloidal particles in solution. When hydrogen peroxide is added in aqueous solution over silver and gold catalytic surfaces, an electric field is effected that causes colloidal particles to move at velocities of microns per second. The H2O2 thus acts as a ?fuel?, removing the need for external pumps or power sources. In this talk the electrokinetic modeling of the process is emphasized, showing agreement with the data for particle velocities and pattern formation, and revealing opportunities for new types of microfluidic flows.