(536g) Oxidation of Cyclohexane in Presence of Cu Complex Supported on Zirconium Pillared Clay Catalyst Using Oxygen

Anisia, K., Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

A binuclear monometallic macrocyclic Cu Cu complex was prepared starting with 2,6-diformyl-4-methyl-phenol and 1,2-phenylenediamine and this complex was supported on zirconium pillared montmorillonite to obtain a heterogeneous catalyst. The elemental analysis was done using scanning electron microscopy and the Cu content (wt. %) was found to be 22.62% in the complex and 1.65 % in the final catalyst. The thermogravometric analysis showed that the final catalyst is stable up to 523 K. This catalyst was used to carry out oxidation of cyclohexane using oxygen as the oxidant in the absence of intiators and solvents. A total conversion of 19% was obtained at 433 K and cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone were formed. The metal complex was found to be free from leaching under the reaction conditions studied.


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