Water Treatment

Thursday, November 1, 2012, 1:15pm EDT


Al Sacco, Texas Tech University


Audra Morse, Texas Tech University

Confirmed Speakers

  • Purification and Recycling of Shale Produced Waters - Holistic vs. Selective Target Approaches
    Tor Palmgren, Environmental Testing, M-I SWACO, A Division of Schlumberger

  • Contrasting Water Treatment Facilities from Produced and Saline Sources West Texas and British Columbia
    Cal Cooper, Manager Special Projects, Apache Corporation

  • The Oasys™ Forward Osmosis Membrane Brine Concentrator: Commercialization of FO Technology for Brine Minimization
    Nathan Hancock, Director of R+D, Oasys Water Inc.

  • Treating and Reusing Flowback and Produced Water
    John Lucey, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Engineering, Heckmann Corporation