Wastewater Disposal

Thursday, November 1, 2012, 3:45pm EDT


Mark Wilson, GE Power & Water


Lee Lundberg, Veolia Water


  • Sorbents to Extract Value from Flowback Water and Produced Water: Reversible Capture of Organics and Rare Earth Elements
    Dr. Paul Edmiston, CSO, ABS Materials

  • Unconventional Gas Wastewater Treatment
    Harish Acharya, GE Global Research Center

  • Advanced Technologies for Produced Water Treatment and Reuse
    David Burnett, Texas A+M

  • Sustainable Solutions for Flowback/Produced Water Challenges in Oil and Gas Fields
    Chip Cagle, Veolia Water

Chip Cagle

Mr. Chip Cagle has his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. He is with Veolia Water Americas Industrial Business Group as a Business Development Manager for the Oil & Gas industry.  Mr. Cagle has over 20 years of experience in industrial water treatment and he has been a significant contributor in the development of Veolia’s Produced Water Mobile and Fixed asset solutions.  He has been focused on providing support on the unique challenges in the Produced Water Market for the past 4 years and has successfully combined Veolia’s capabilities into one support solution to address...Read more