Conference Safety Guidelines | AIChE

Conference Safety Guidelines

A Word on Safety

This security advisory was implemented by AIChE’s Executive Board of the Programming Committee (EBPC) with your safety in mind. We welcome any other suggestions you may have to help attendees have a safe and pleasant experience at our meetings.

Enhance your experience at the AIChE Meeting by staying safe. Here are some safety tips to observe:

  • When off the hotel grounds, please do not wear your badge in public. Doing so can give professional opportunists access to your name which they are able to exploit to your detriment.
  • When you are through with your badge, turn it in to registration. Do not leave it laying in the open so that unscrupulous individuals have access to it. In addition, please do not let anyone have access to your badge for any purpose. Lending badges to others for access to the meeting is strictly prohibited.
  • Have your room key out and ready when entering your hotel room. Fumbling in an attempt to locate it in either a pocket or purse outside your door could be a security risk.
  • Never give a stranger your room number.
  • Upon check-in to your room, note where the nearest fire exits are, so you know in which direction to go quickly in case of a fire emergency. Remember – smoke rises, so if necessary, while exiting, get as close to the floor as possible when there is heavy smoke prevalent.
  • When out in an urban area, it is advisable to travel in groups or pairs.
  • Looking down and concentrating on a mobile device while texting or listening to music through ear buds can be a hazardous activity. Doing so while you are attempting to cross a street, get on and off an escalator, walk in a crowd, or make your way through an exhibit area can all be harmful to your safety and the safety of others.

Recently, there have been many incidents of distracted meeting attendees who have attempted to walk up the down escalators or walk down the up escalators in our meeting venues

Please take advantage of the ample seating provided in our meeting facilities in order to use your mobile device(s) in a calm setting so that you have a safe, enjoyable experience at AIChE meetings.

  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and impairs the capacity to reason, a perfect formula to make you a target for unscrupulous behavior.