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Managing Board

Mark Holtzapple (Texas A&M University), Chair of Climate Solutions Steering Committee and Chemical Engineering Professor

Tom Rehm, Past Chair  of Climate Solutions Steering Committee

Monty Alger (Pennsylvania State University), Vice Chair of Climate Solutions Steering Committee; Chemical Engineering Professor

Gavin Towler (Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies),Vice President and Chief Technology Officer; AIChE Fellow

Joseph Powell (Shell, retired), formerly Chief Scientist; Fellow of AIChE

Tom Spicer (University of Arkansas), Chemical Engineering Professor;  SACHE Committee; AIChE Education and Accreditation Committee

Jennifer Uhle (Nuclear Energy Institute),Vice President of Generation and Suppliers

Dan Lambert (Savannah River National Laboratory), Fellow Engineer; a Past Chair of AIChE’s Nuclear Engineering Division

Alexander Rozenfeld (Climate Impact Capital), Founder & Managing Director 

Dale Keairns (Deloitte Consulting LLP), 2008 AIChE President and Chair of the Center for Energy Initiatives

Jeffrey Seay (Kentucky State University), Chemical Engineering Professor; AIChE Sustainable Energy Forum

Darlene Schuster, AIChE Chief of Technical Operations, Membership and Business Development, is supporting our efforts.