“Biomethane Experiences in Denmark” | AIChE

“Biomethane Experiences in Denmark”

Thursday, April 1, 2021,
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Virtual / Online

Presentation:  “Biomethane Experiences in Denmark”:  In one of my previous roles, I had the opportunity to collaborate with engineers working to commercialize biomethane technology in Denmark.  Biomethane was first injected into the gas grid in 2014 and much progress has been made since.  In 2020, Denmark made new renewable energy targets including acheiving 100% renewable biomethane gas grid by 2035.  How will this be achieved and what technologies might be used?  Denmark’s experiences can be considered as a vision template for emerging opportunities to expand biomethane in the United States.  This presentation also gives a high-level introduction into the technologies and process steps used to make biomethane from biogas (a natural product of the anaerobic digestion of organic matter).  There will be some fun (but high-level) chemical engineering presented to discuss the practical trade-offs related to purity, efficiency, and sizing of membranes or scrubbers.

I will present our progress in developing small-modular, farm-scale, anaerobic digestion and biogas treatment systems that produce a clean (98% methane), dry (< 30 ppm H2O), and compressed (up to 3600 psig) biomethane product suitable for over-the-road transport and use in compressed natural gas vehicles.  The presentation will be a mix of technology, project metrics, and a commercial vision for the future of biomethane in the United States. 


John Reardon, Sr. Principal/CEO at The Process Group, LLC

Mr. Reardon has 24 years of experience in industry and is the founder of two companies including, Frontline BioEnergy LLC (Ames Iowa) and The Process Group LLC (Saint Louis Missouri).  He is presently a Professor of Practice at the Washington University in Saint Louis, teaching Entrepreneurial Engineering (EECE-480) and Chemical Process Safety (EECE-416).  Mr. Reardon was an Associated Western Universities Fellow and perform research at the Sandia National Laboratories and University of New Mexico where he received his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1996.

Chris Roach, President at Roeslein Alternative Energy

Mr. Roach is an alumnus of the Washington University in Saint Louis with a masters degree in business administration and of the University of Missouri in Columbia with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Chris is currently the President of Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE).  Former roles included Project Development manager for Abengoa Bioenergy here in Saint Louis.  His leadership with RAE is seeking to expand the deployment of technologies to convert agricultural waste and biomass into renewable energy, primarily biomethane.  This technology venture leverages farm-level engineering with advanced technologies from leading firms (e.g., Air-Products, Huntsman Chemical) to create a high value products that benefits farmers and the environment.  

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