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Past Officers

 Thank you to our past local section officers!

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Past Kansas City Local Section Officers

2016 Erik Deddens Kati Johnson Emilio Fajardo Kristen Svec Jonathan Mosher Travis Jackson Erin Milligan


Emily Ferner

Erik Deddens

Tyson Miller

Kati Johnson

Alejandra Rocha

Travis Jackson

Cara Petrie


Joe Deneault

Emily Ferner

Tyson Miller

Laura Musick

David Mayes

Ashlynn Horras

Erik Deddens


Melody Redburn

Joe Deneault

Tyson Miller

Emily Ferner Arlen Root Drew Travis Laura Musick
2012 Kaylee Bergman Melody Redburn Arlen Root Drew Dusenberry Kenny Healy Schyler Drain Joe Deneault
2010-2011 Michael Hollock Kaylee Bergman Kara Miller-Karns Tyler McGown
2009-2010 Cheryl Bruna Michael Hollock Jason White Kaylee Bergman
2008-2009 Preetica Kumar Cheryl Bruna Joe Mallon Jason White
2007-2008 Erica Delorme Preetica Kumar Joe Mallon Cheryl Bruna
2006-2007 Tammy Lynam Erica Delorme Joe Mallon Preetica Kumar
2005-2006 Jennifer Robert Tammy Lynam Jenna Means Luke McConeghey
2004-2005 Frank Bales Jennifer Robert Jenna Means Mike Robert
2003-2004 Bill Kerner Frank Bales Jenna Means Freda Klumpp
2002-2003 Gordon Rogers Bill Kerner John Buckner Jennifer Robert
2001-2002 Dilip Das Gordon Rogers John Buckner Jennifer Robert
2000-2001 David Hempleman Dilip Das Sam Hamlin Barbara Wright
1999-2000 Arnold Harness David Hempleman Christopher Martin Barbara Gray
 1997-1998  Alan Mosher Arnold Harness    
1996-1997   Alan Mosher   Arnold Harness