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Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 7:30pm-9:00pm CDT
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Posted by Fernando Aguirre

VALKYRIETM - A Revolutionary H2S Removal Technology

John Bourdon, P.E., Chief Technical Officer, Streamline Innovations

Abstract: The use of reduction-oxidation (REDOX) chemistries to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from natural gas provides a number of advantages over scavenger and amine-based processes, but the commercialization of REDOX chemistries have previously been limited due to significant operational and economic challenges. The recent rise of new chelants, surfactants, and low-cost computing devices have provided the opportunity for a new approach to REDOX that eliminates many of the operational challenges seen with previous technologies. Here, we present the development and commercialization of the Valkyrie™ Process, which employs new chemistries and advanced control systems to remove hydrogen sulfide from natural gas at size scales ranging from single wells to entire fields. These new additional technologies augment the REDOX process and impart an operationally sustainable and commercially attractive alternative to standard H2S removal technologies.

Bio: For over 40 years, Mr. Bourdon's responsibilities have included company management, project management and process engineering. He has considerable experience in the hydrocarbon industry and was key in the development and testing of a number of new technologies including the SULFTEN tail gas treating process and application of the Streamline Innovations Valkyrie™ H2S removal process. He is an authoritative source on sulfur technology. He has experience in process development, sulfur technology training, troubleshooting, facility operations and startup, economic evaluations, process studies, and business development. Specific project types include, Valkyrie™ (REDOX) H2S removal technologies, Claus Sulfur Recovery Units, SULFTEN Tail Gas Treating Units, SCOT (MDEA) Tail Gas Treating Units, Sulfur Degassing and Solidification Units, Stretford Units, Amine Treating Units, Gas Processing, Sour Water Strippers, Hydrotreating Units, Industrial Waste Incineration, Detergents, Waste Water Treating, Water Treating, Industrial Chemicals, and Utilities and Offsites.

Mr. Bourdon is experienced in stick-built and modular designed sulfur recovery facilities. He is also a senior instructor for PetroSkills/John M. Campbell and Company. John graduated with a BCHE from Georgia Tech in 1974 and has published several papers during his career. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio.