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Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 7:30pm-9:00pm CDT
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Posted by Fernando Aguirre

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Concrete with Carbon Dioxide

Abstract: Concrete is the world's most important and widely used construction material. CarbonCure's technology recycles waste carbon dioxide (CO2) to make stronger and greener concrete. Once injected into the wet concrete mix, the CO2 reacts with calcium ions in the cement paste to form a nano-sized calcium carbonate mineral particle that becomes permanently embedded in the concrete. These nano-sized particles improve the compressive strength by 8-12%, enabling the concrete producer to reduce cement content in the concrete by 4-8% without compromising strength, thus reducing the Carbon Footprint of the concrete.

The CarbonCure Technology is being used by over 180 concrete plants in North America which have produced over 5 million cubic yards of Concrete, reducing CO2 emission by 150 million pounds.