AIChE and ACS - Savanah River Section June Joint-Event: Tour of Starbucks Soluble Products Plant | AIChE

AIChE and ACS - Savanah River Section June Joint-Event: Tour of Starbucks Soluble Products Plant

Friday, June 8, 2018,
1:00pm to 3:00pm
In-Person / Local
4760 Mike Padgett Hwy
Augusta, GA 30906
United States

This comprehensive tour will take about 90 minutes. This event requires an early reservation date, so please reserve as early as possible if you are interested in participating. It will be easier to cancel a reserved spot than add one. Please RSVP by May 18 by submitting your reservation to

After May 18, a waiting list will be maintained. Anyone on the waiting list will be notified when a tour spot becomes available. Additional tour information will be emailed to the tour attendees after the reservations are closed.

Starbucks does not readily offer tours, so please be sure to sign up for this relatively rare opportunity as soon as possible.

Background Information

Starbucks opened the plant in Augusta in July 2012. The Augusta plant is the first company-owned facility in the world to produce Starbucks soluble products. The plant’s two roasters generate Starbucks VIA® Instant, as well as the coffee base for Frappuccino® blended beverages and many of Starbucks bottled and canned beverages.

A $120 million expansion of the Starbucks Augusta Soluble Plant announced July 6, 2017, will nearly double the size of the operation, adding 140,000 square feet to the existing 180,000-square-foot plant. The expansion will add six new whole bean roasters, allowing the plant to offer packaged coffee to Starbucks stores and retail locations in the Northeast and Southeast United States. Plant operations is just coming out of an outage after construction of at least one part of the expansion.

The plant currently employs 185 Starbucks partners. The 80 to 100 jobs created in the year following the expansion will cover a range of positions.