PD2M Returns to San Francisco!

Posted by Steve Baric on

The 2013 AIChE Annual meeting in San Francisco introduced the newly formed Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum as an AIChE division.  In the subsequent three years, the programing has expanded even as the overall annual program has become more condensed.   This speaks to the PD2M program’s quality and the activity of our membership; the balance of industrial and academic presenters is roughly even.  This year’s program features 27 sponsored and 19 co-sponsored sessions (interfacing with 8 other AIChE Areas), and over 250 abstracts.   Navigating such a large and diverse program can be daunting, so as this year’s programming chair, I would like to highlight some special sessions and programming changes from last year.  

1)      The programming will last all week (until Friday afternoon): plan your trip accordingly!

2)      The poster session will be featured more prominently: The number of high quality poster abstracts is roughly four-fold higher than last year, so to raise visibility of the poster submissions, PD2M (and Division 15) will hold their poster sessions on Monday afternoon.

3)      Special Sessions:

a.       PD2M Plenary (Monday 8 AM) – 2017 program planning meeting immediately afterwards

b.      Advances in Bioreactions and Bioprocessing (Tuesday 8:30 AM) – YP mixer immediately afterwards

c.       Division 15 Plenary Session: Food, Pharmaceutical, and Bioengineering (Tuesday 3:15 PM)

d.      Panel: Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Wednesday 8:30 AM)

4)      Evening Events:

a.       PD2M Forum Awards Ceremony (Monday 6PM)

b.      SBE's James E. Bailey Award Lecture (Tuesday 6PM)

c.       SBE Hospitality Suite (Tuesday 9PM)

5)      New Sessions for 2016:

a.       Amorphous Solid Dispersions for Drug Product

b.      Materials and Process Development for Hybrid Therapeutics

c.       Innovations at the Product Design and Discovery Interface

6)      Don’t forget to bookmark or use the AIChE app to plan your meeting.

After a long and stressful (election) year, I invite you to come to this year’s meeting: enjoy catching up with colleagues, simulating intellectual discussions, and the beautiful city of San Francisco!

Jacob Albrecht
PD2M Programming Chair 2016