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Women in PSE

We (Christos Georgakis, Martha Grover, Jay Lee, and Ruth Misener) started a public-facing "Women in PSE" list:


We hope that this list will be used to help find (i) conference speakers, (ii) mentors for junior colleagues, and (iii) recruitment targets, especially among the postdoctoral population. It's also fun to know just how many people are out there!

For women (and non-binary people) happy to be included on the list, please fill out this form. We're hoping to include women (and non-binary people) working in PSE who have a undergraduate degree in a related field, including grad students and post docs.


For allies, please forward this link to people who may be happy to participate.

Kind regards,

Christos Georgakis

Martha Grover

Jay Lee

Ruth Misener

P.S. There may be other underrepresented minority groups interested to set up similar lists. We would be delighted to link these on the CAST website, too! If anyone wants to set up another list, Ruth Misener (r.misener@imperial.ac.uk) is happy to share the material she used to develop the "Women in PSE" list.