AIChE Annual Meeting - Climate Solutions Session

Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 3:30pm-6:00pm EST
Event format: 
In-Person / Local
Posted by Monica Mellinger

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Session Chair: Tom Rehm, The Climate Solutions Community Steering Committee Chair

Session Schedule

  • 3:30pm, Tom Rehm, PhD ChE, The Climate Solutions Community, Opening Remarks
  • 3:45pm, Mary Ellen Ternes, Esq., BS ChE, J.D., Earth & Water Law, LLC, AIChE Climate Change Policy Review Process – New Policy
  • 4:15pm, Jeffrey R. Seay, PhD ChE, University of Kentucky, Plastics and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • 4:45pm, Jesse Jenkins, PhD Engineering Systems, Energy Systems Engineering & Policy, Getting to Zero: Options for Decarbonizing Electricity in the United States
  • 5:15pm, Tom Rehm, PhD ChE, The Climate Solutions Community, Climate Solutions’ Path Forward