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The Chemical Engineering Candidate - Who you are (Survey Results)

Posted for Roman Voronov by Stéphanie Orvoine-Couvrette.

Here are the results of the survey I conducted to help you (and us) understand who the faculty candidates are:

Looks like most don't go more than 2-3 times.  I started going when I was a graduate student (just for experience), so I've probably been 3-4 times myself.

Thanks for the support of my idea! I think its a good idea too, but hard to implement. We are not giving up though!

Bioengineering and Energy are the most popular (no surprise there).

I guess Materials stands out as the secondary theme.

Let's quickly compare this to what the universities are looking for. The graph below is based on what I see on faculty ads. I am plotting here the % of that ads that express interest in a particular field (since each ad accepts more than one field, these don't add up to 100).

Looks like the story is basically the same:  Bioengineering and Energy are at the top (though I expect that with the falling oil prices, the enthusiasm about Energy will decline next year). 

2/3 are postdocs, which is also kind of expected.

I am surprised to see that there are 6-7% of you who are looking for better offers, I guess?

- Roman