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Membership Types and Prices

AIChE membership is one of the best things you can do for your professional development, no matter what stage of your career you are in. There is no better way to meet as many accomplished chemical engineers. Or to tap into such a deep reserve of specialized information.  For each stage of your life, membership has its advantages.

Membership rates (US)

Membership type 2019 Dues
Professional $199
Professional - Senior $199
Young Professional (B.S. Grad 2015) $150
Young Professional (B.S. Grad. 2016) $100
Young Professional (B.S. Grad. 2017) $50
Young Professional (B.S. Grad. 2018 or 2019) $0
Graduate Student $50
Postdoctorate Researcher $75
Unemployed $50
Undergraduate Student $0
Dues waivers and reductions (if applicable) See below

International Membership Rates

 Professional Members

Professional members enjoy the exclusive privileges and benefits of AIChE membership and shall also have the privileges of nominating and voting for officers and directors. They shall also have the privileges of holding office and of voting on amendments to this Constitution after 4 years as a member (a 4-year member).

Senior Members

If you are currently a member of AIChE, you may want to consider becoming a Senior Member.  Senior Members have the privilege of holding office, voting on amendments to the Constitution, nominating and voting for officers and directors. Being a Senior Member is a prerequisite for becoming an AIChE Fellow. A member may, after regular application and election, become a Senior Member. A Senior Member who has satisfied the Fellow Bylaw requirements and has demonstrated significant accomplishments in, and contributions to, the profession may be nominated for consideration to be elected Fellow.

Contact Customer Service to verify your eligibility and request an upgrade.

Young Professional Members

AIChE Young Professionals are under 35 and have graduated from an undergraduate institution, new to the working world, Master’s or PhD students , pursuing a career in chemical engineering post-graduation and looking to advance their career after a few years of work in the field. Save on Young Professional and Graduate Student membership.

Undergraduate Student Members

Undergraduate student members enjoy the exclusive privileges and benefits that are common to all classes of membership, but not the privileges of nominating, voting, and holding office. A student member may not retain this class of membership beyond the end of the calendar year in which he or she is last enrolled as a student. Undergraduate students enjoy sponsored membership at no cost thanks to AIChE's ScaleUp program.


Dues waivers and reductions

Please refer to the definitions below to determine if you qualify. Some dues waivers and/or reductions need to be requested annually. Please contact Customer Service to confirm your eligiblity.

Membership Dues Status Definition of Status Waiver or Reduced Rates
Unemployed Without a job – valid for a maximum of two years $50
Graduate Student Enrolled full-time in a graduate program. Must provide name of university and expected graduation date. $50
Postdoctorate Researcher (Academic) Employed by a university as a Postdoctorate Researcher. Must provide employer (university) name along with PhD degree type and graduation date. $75
Age 65 and Over and Fully Retired Members who qualify in the upcoming membership year for full retirement benefits as defined by the U.S. Social Security Administration $100
Emeritus Members who qualify in the upcoming membership year for full retirement benefits as defined by the U.S. Social Security Administration AND will have accumulated 35 years of paid AIChE membership $50
Family Plan For legal relations living at the same residence. Highest dues paying member pays full dues; lower paying member receives a 50% dues reduction. Variable
Military/Peace Corps On active duty during military conflict or in Peace Corps. Valid for a maximum of two years. A written request must be provided. Waived
Family Situation Unemployed or employed part-time staying home to provide care-giving responsibilities and have previously paid a minimum of one year’s full dues. A written request must be provided describing nature of family situation. $50
Disability Have 10+ years of paid membership to obtain a permanent/temporary dues waiver. Must present proof of total disability provided by U.S. Social Security Administration. Waived

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