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AIChE Member Champion Toolkit

Be the force that helps build a global community of ChEnections.

Get involved with AIChE’s Member-Get-A-Member program, win prizes and encourage others to belong to something bigger.

Starting now, every time you refer someone to AIChE, and they become a member, you will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card or a credit towards your dues renewal.

PLUS, you and your friend will automatically be entered to win up to an additional $350 in prizes throughout the year.

This is just one way to show gratitude to you for your passion and commitment.


Download this flyer and personalize it with your name.

Send it electronically to your peers you may be interested in belonging to AIChE, post it in your organization, or hand it out at the next event you attend!


Hover over any image below and share to Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin to shout out about your committment to AIChE. Use the hashtag #AIChEMGM


Download one (by right-clicking), or all, of these electronic badges and put them in your email signature, social media pages, websites, blogs, etc. Then, link them to:

Badge Tool Kit