2015 Board of Directors

2014-15 Board Members: Back row (L to R): Diane K. Spencer, Thomas F. Degnan, Jr., Tim Anderson, John Cirucci, E. Dennis Griffith, Annette A. Johnston, John Ekerdt, John W. (Jack) Hipple, and Joseph D. Smith. Middle row (L to R): Dan Lambert, Christine Seymour, Paula A. Hammond, Sharon Robinson, John O’Connell, Anne S. Robinson, Alan Nelson, Rosemarie D. Wesson, and Gregory Stephanopoulos. Front row (L to R): Cheryl Teich, Otis Shelton, June C. Wispelwey, and Phillip R. Westmoreland.

2015 AIChE Board of Directors


  Title Profile
Cheryl I. Teich President Profile
Gregory Stephanopoulos President-Elect Profile
Christine Seymour Secretary Profile
E. Dennis Griffith Treasurer Profile
Otis Shelton Past President Profile

Executive Director

June C. Wispelwey Profile


Tim Anderson Profile
Thomas F. Degnan, Jr. Profile
Paula A. Hammond Profile
Annette A. Johnston Profile
Daniel P. Lambert Profile
Alan Nelson Profile
John O’Connell Profile
Anne Skaja Robinson Profile
Sharon Robinson Profile
Joseph D. Smith Profile
Diane K. Spencer Profile
Levi T. Thompson, Jr. Profile