Safety & Health Division - Publications

The Safety and Health Division is involved with several publications through AIChE.  In addition, a newsletter is distributed to current members:

  • Process Safety Progress: Formerly Plant/Operations Progress, Process Safety Progress is a quarterly publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. This periodical provides practical process safety information for engineering professionals in the CPI. Its focus is on chemical and hydrocarbon process safety, loss prevention and health. In addition to Process Safety Update, the following topics are usually covered in each issue:
    • Safety Evaluation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Process Hazards Evaluation
    • Ammonia Plant Safety
    • Fire and Explosion Analysis
    • Vapor Cloud Explosion Analysis
    • Hazardous Chemicals Management
    • Hazardous Leaks Prevention
    • OSHA and EPA Regulatory Compliance
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Other publications related to the Safety and Health Division include: