Division Awards & Plaques

Complete the following Steps

To maintain consistent quality and appearance, we recommend that divisions and forums choose from the following plaque categories. The styles shown below have been used by AIChE for past division/forum awards. For more plaque styles you can visit Picture-It's website.  Be sure to make note of the description and style number for your award request.

If you are interested in a print catalog promoting a range of plaque styles and award items, contact them by phone at 732-819-0420. Be sure to identify yourself and the AIChE group you represent.

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Select a Plaque

Major (or top) Division Award

Solid American walnut plaque with black brass engraving plate, florentine border and black textured center. Individually boxed. We suggest the following items:

Airflyte - P2925

9" x 12" --  $97.02 (*before 20% discount)

Airflyte - P2926

11" x 14" -- $128.77 (*before 20% discount)

General or other Division Award

Solid American walnut plaque with black brass engraving plate and printed border. Individually boxed. We suggest the following items:

Airflyte - P2914

8" x 10 1/2" --  $85.18 (*before 20% discount)

Airflyte - P2915

9" x 12" --  $94.50 (*before 20% discount)

General Recognition Plaque

Solid American walnut plaque with a black florentine border, black textured center and solid brass engraving plate. Individually boxed. We suggest the following items: Solid brass engraving plate(s).  Individually boxed.

Airflyte - P355

7" x 9" --  $77.62 (*before 20% discount)

Airflyte - P3156

8" x 10 1/2" --  $85.18 (*before 20% discount)

When you submit your order, you may either FAX or E-MAIL a Word document to Picture-It Awards.

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Prepare Text & Plaque Inscription

Please prepare your information as a Word document (one plaque description per page) that can be faxed or e-mailed.

Download Text Samples

You can base your plaque inscriptions on past division/forum awards, or follow one of the models shown below. Picture-It Awards will use a layout and presentation style similar to past award inscriptions, unless specifically instructed. Picture-It Awards also has ready-to-inscribe templates for the AIChE logo, and signatures for AIChE's president and secretary. Be sure to request these when you submit your order.

For each award, the following elements should appear in your Word document (one plaque description per page):

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (text)
  • AIChE logo (Picture-It Awards has a ready-to-use template)
  • Name of Division or Forum (if it is not included in the name of the award.)
  • Name of sponsor company or organization (if applicable)
  • Year of award
  • Formal name of award or honor
  • Recipient's name (as approved by the award winner)
  • (optional) citation or elaboration on honor
  • Signatures of AIChE's current President and Secretary: (Picture-It Awards has a ready-to-use template)

Award inscription tips:

  • Be certain that the award winner's name is spelled accurately and presented in the form that he or she approves.
  • Proof read your text carefully before submitting to Picture-It Awards. Your group will incur extra cost if a plaque needs to be remade due to an error originating in the request.
  • Upon request and if time permits, Picture-It can fax a proof of the plaque layout for your approval prior to printing.
  • Please be sure to present the formal and proper name of your group (division or forum) and of the award. Formal award names can be found on here.
  • Aim for economy in wording. The samples provided are about as wordy as plaques need to be.
  • Don't forget to name the sponsor company, if applicable.

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Contact award vendor to submit request

Is your request ready to send?

You should have completed your Word document(s) containing the following details:

Sample Cover Letter

  • Your name
  • Your phone number and e-mail address
  • Return shipping information
  • Award Style description and product style number
  • Proofed award inscription text presented according to the samples
  • AIChE group affiliation (division, forum, committee, etc.)

Contact Picture-It Awards:

To submit Word documents:


Submit your paperwork, described above, to Picture- It Awards at 732-572-4216. Be sure to fill out the necessary items highlighted in the sample Word document. Make note your AIChE affiliation and include your daytime phone number so that Picture-It staff may phone you to discuss your order, as needed.


Submit the paperwork as a Word attachment to service@awards1.biz and mention AIChE Awards in the e-mail title.

If you have questions about your order you can call Picture-It Awards at 732-819-0420. Identify yourself as an AIChE representative and of which group you represent (division, committee, etc.). The Picture-It staff will discuss details and ask you to submit your paperwork.

Timing and Follow-up

We recommend that you submit award plaque requests at least one month in advance of the due date. Orders submitted close to the deadline cannot be ensured to arrive on the desired date.

If requested and time permits, Picture-It Awards will fax or e-mail you a proof of the plaque text before printing.


Picture-It Awards will send the finished award items directly to the representative designated to receive the finished products - as instructed in your original purchase request.

Note on delivery to meeting sites: Please contact your AIChE staff liasion for further details, as hotels and conference sites often have strict rules regarding the timing and logistics of guest package receipt.


Picture-It Awards will send invoices directly to the representative who placed the order - as instructed in your original purchase request. It is the contact's responsibility to submit the invoice to the division/forum treasurer. Treasurers should send the completed check request with invoice to their division/forum staff liaison to have it paid from their division/forum account.

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